LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro Police have revised an accident report and its Traffic Bureau will now look into whether the unlicensed driver of an unregistered vehicle that hit an elderly woman, gravely injuring her, should be cited. This is in response to Thursday’s 8 News Now investigation into the crash.

A Volvo sedan with expired Arizona plates backed up into 77-year-old Marie Aumont, who said she spent 74 days in the hospital and rehab, almost lost her leg, and is on a heavy dose of painkillers every day since the crash.

While she was away from her home recovering from her injuries, authorities in Clark County removed Aumont’s three dogs from her home, euthanizing her 15-year-old Shepherd, finding new homes for her other two dogs, and devastating Aumont in the process.

“My house is like a tomb without my puppies,” Aumont told the 8 News Now Investigators.

The officer who responded to the scene, which occurred near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway in January 2023, determined that it occurred on private property. However, the stretch of road connecting the apartment homes on Sombrero Drive with the apartment homes on Silver Mesa Circle is actually a public right-of-way, Clark County officials confirmed.

Police body camera video shows the entire on-scene investigation unfolding, with the officer repeatedly telling the driver that he would not be cited for his expired registration, not having a driver’s license, and not providing proof of insurance. The officer asked over his two-way radio whether he could cite the driver for those infractions on private property. Metro’s accident report shows the driver was cited for failure to pay full attention.

Accident report stating the driver failed to pay full attention after hitting a 77-year-old woman (LVMPD)

But as a result of the 8 News Now Investigation into the crash, Metro Police revised their accident report and provided a statement, which reads in full:

“The LVMPD has reviewed the accident report and body camera footage from the accident that took place January 24, 2023, at approximately 5:20 p.m., under event number LLV230100095969. At the time, the officer determined the accident occurred on private property. Had the officer determined the accident occurred on the public right-of-way, he would have issued additional citations, but no arrest would have been made.

The traffic accident report has been amended to reflect the incident did occur on the public right-of-way. The Traffic Bureau will determine if additional traffic citations will be issued to the driver.”

In the aftermath of the incident – which sent her crashing to the ground and crushed the walker she was using – Aumont was incredulous.

“I can’t believe they let him go,” she said. “Especially when you tell me he didn’t have a driver’s license, he didn’t have registration, he didn’t have anything.”

During one of several trips the 8 News Now Investigators made to the scene of the crash, the driver could be seen sitting inside another vehicle – a white Chrysler – parked adjacent to the Volvo that hit Aumont. He did not want to speak on camera, but said he sold the Volvo and did not want to speak any further without an attorney.

The driver can be overheard on police body camera video from the night of the crash asking whether Aumont was okay. But Aumont said the driver never visited her in the hospital and never followed up with her since she returned home.

“I don’t think he’s sorry,” Aumont said. “I think he’s glad he got away with it.”