LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The FBI received information indicating Hells Angels members from other chapters could be coming to Las Vegas to “take care of witnesses,” prosecutors said.

A Clark County judge increased bail Thursday for seven of eight Las Vegas Hells Angels chapter members or affiliates accused in the May shooting on U.S. 95 that left six injured.

As the 8 News Now Investigators first reported, the seven men face more than 30 charges of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, further or assisting a criminal gang, battery and racketeering charges, among others.

Police said the shooting was between the Hells Angels and rival gang, Vagos. Prosecutors alleged the shooting may have been in retaliation for a previous murder in California involving the two groups.

Six of eight men named in the indictment filed Sept. 23. (KLAS)

Prosecutors filed paperwork before the hearing, indicating they received “credible” information that the FBI learned “Hells Angels members from multiple states will be traveling to Las Vegas to ‘take care of witnesses’ in this very case.”

The specific information was not revealed in court. Judge Tierra Jones said she had seen no evidence during that hearing that witnesses were in jeopardy.

Attorneys for the seven men argued for lower bail, saying simple association or group membership should not dictate a defendant’s own case. The attorneys also said the alleged retaliation information was unsubstantiated.

Jones reset bail to $100,000 for Aaron Chun, 32; Richard Devries, 67; Taylor Rodriguez, 29; Russell Smith, 27; and Cameron Treich, 34.

Prosecutors have identified Devries as the chapter president; Rodriguez and Treich as members, and the other five men as prospects or affiliates.

Jones set bail at $125,000 for Stephen Alo, 46, who was not in court but in custody in Henderson on a domestic violence charge. An eighth man, Rayann Mollasgo, also faces charges but was not in custody as of Thursday.

Roneric Padilla, 39, who was in court Thursday, was not indicted for charges related to the shooting but faces accessory to felony charges for allegedly “[harboring] and/or [concealing]” Chun, Mollasgo, and Smith and destroying evidence, prosecutors said. Jones ordered his bail be set at $25,000.

The bikers were part of a Memorial Day weekend ride through Arizona and southern Nevada. Videos shown to a grand jury in June included members of the Hells Angels at a Henderson Harley-Davidson dealership minutes after the shooting.

Jones also ordered the men not to communicate with each other amid the case, except in conferences with counsel.