LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Clark County grand jury has indicted Alvin Kamara and three others for an alleged beating at a Las Vegas nightclub last year.

Kamara, a running back for the New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Chris Lammons and two other men face criminal charges connected to the incident outside of a Las Vegas Strip nightclub on Feb. 5, 2022, during the NFL Pro Bowl weekend.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara (41) during an NFL football game against the Carolina Panthers, Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)

The grand jury indicted Kamara, Lammons, Christopher Young and Percy Harris on Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to commit battery and battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, documents said.

The victim, Darnell Greene, told Las Vegas Metro police that he was waiting outside an elevator at Drai’s Nightclub alongside a group of people, including the four suspects.

The civil lawsuit filed against New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara includes photographs of the alleged beating of a man outside of a Las Vegas nightclub. (District Court/KLAS)

When some elevator doors opened, Kamara put his hand on the victim’s chest to stop him from entering the elevator, police said.

According to police, after the victim pushed Kamara’s hand off his chest, Kamara shoved him before another suspect, identified as Lammons, punched Greene and knocked him back against a wall.

The grand jury indictment said Lammons hit “Greene in the head, neck or upper chest” and that Kamara then “charged [Greene] in order to strike and/or punch [him] about the head, neck, chest, upper back, and/or torso area.”

The indictment reads: “While Darnell Greene was on the floor of a narrow hallway, Alvin Kamara continued to strike and/or punch Darnell Greene with his right hand while Percy Harris joined his co-defendants by kicking and/or stomping about the head, neck, and upper torso area, after briefly attempting to pull their co-defendants off of Darnell Greene, Christopher Lammons re-engaged by stomping and/or kicking Darnell Greene about the body and Darrin Young joined in by delivering at least one kick and/or stomp to the lower body of Darnell Greene.”

The grand jury indicted Christopher Lammons on charges of conspiracy to commit battery and battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, documents said. (LVMPD/KLAS)

Prosecutors also allege the four men allegedly “[avoided] capture while leaving the scene,” documents said.

Greene has filed a civil lawsuit in Louisiana, asking for $10 million in damages. Videos and an audio recording taken in an SUV after the reported assault have not been released. The civil lawsuit includes still images from surveillance video and transcription of the recording.

“Immediately after the vicious beating, Kamara bragged about it with a member of his group, stating, “I connected with the [expletive]’s jaw so hard,” the lawsuit claims.

“[Kamara] chased Greene down the hall and proceeded to strike him multiple times until he was knocked to the ground,” the lawsuit said. “At no point during the attack did Greene hit, punch, or push Kamara or any of his associates.”

Kamara and Lammons played in the 2022-2023 season.

“We continue to monitor all legal developments in the matter which remains under review of the personal conduct policy,” an NFL spokesperson said Thursday.

“The state has avoided a contested preliminary hearing by indicting Mr. Kamara,” his attorneys David Chesnoff, Drew Findling and Richard Schonfeld said in a statement. “He intends to vigorously fight the allegations at trial as he was defending himself and others at the
time of the incident.”

The indictment means the criminal case will immediately bypass Las Vegas Justice Court and move to district court. A judge set a court date for March 2.