LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In the final moments of testimony that concluded the first week of the so-called Black Widower trial Friday, defense attorneys questioned a retired crime scene analyst about evidence he collected a week after the shootings.

“As a crime scene analyst, the goal is to get to a scene as soon as possible after the incident, right?” Thomas Randolph’s attorney, asked the witness, Randall McPhail. “And to get to a scene that’s been preserved to the best of the ability of those preserving it, right?”

McPhail, who answered both questions in the affirmative, was present as Randolph gave police a voluntary reenactment of the shootings.

Randolph is being retried for the murders of his wife, Sharon, and the man who prosecutors say Randolph hired to shoot her. The Nevada Supreme Court reversed a prior conviction for those murders that sent Randolph to death row, ruling that the jury should not have heard evidence that Randolph was involved in the death of one of his previous five wives.

Also Friday, a state medical examiner testified that both Miller and Sharon Randolph died from gunshot wounds. Miller was shot five times and Sharon once, in the head.

Prosecutors should finish their case against Randolph on Monday or Tuesday, at which point the defense is expected to call its witnesses. The jury should hear attorneys’ closing arguments later in the week.