LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A father and son are accused of shooting rocks at buildings and cars on the Las Vegas Strip with a slingshot, leading to one person losing an eye, police said in documents the 8 News Now Investigators reviewed.

Enrique Duarte Hidalgo faces charges of battery with the use of a deadly weapon, child abuse, and several gross misdemeanors related to reported incidents on two nights in October and November, police said.

Duarte Hidalgo’s son’s name and age are redacted in the documents. It was unclear if he would face any charges.

On Oct. 21 around 11 p.m., police responded to a report of a taxi driver who believed someone threw a rock in his face near the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, police said.

The driver told police a person in another car threw a rock at him through his open driver’s side window, injuring his eye and causing him to bleed. The taxi driver later had surgery to remove his eye due to the severity of the damage, police said.

Enrique Duarte Hidalgo faces charges of battery with the use of a deadly weapon, child abuse, and several other charges related to reported incidents on two days in October and November, police said. (LVMPD/KLAS)

Investigators reviewed video from the area and from inside the taxi, which included a sound “like what an airsoft gun sounds like when it is discharged,” police said. The video however did not have any potential suspect or suspect vehicle.

Police later learned a window was broken at Treasure Island around the same time as the incident involving the taxi, but it was never reported to police, officers said.

On Nov. 5 around 2 a.m., a person reported an illegal shooting at the Coca-Cola-Store at the Showcase Mall. Detectives found a glass window with a hole in it, they said.

While investigating that illegal shooting, police learned of a second event at a Target store also on Las Vegas Boulevard. A person discovered a shell casing and a damaged windowpane at the store, police said.

Around the same time, a third call came into dispatchers from a driver who said his van was hit with an object that left a hole in a window, police said.

While investigating the incident involving the van, detectives learned about a fourth incident where another van had damage from a suspected projectile.

Detectives reviewed camera footage from each incident, finding a suspected vehicle involved, they said. Videos showed the car near each incident location with two men inside. The car’s license plate was registered to Duarte Hidalgo, police said.

Investigators went to Duarte Hidalgo’s home to talk to him, but “upon seeing detectives approach, [Duarte Hidalgo] immediately ran into the residence and locked the door,” officers said. Eventually, Duarte Hidalgo came out of the house after officers spoke with his son.

While speaking with officers, Duarte Hidalgo first said he took his son to get tacos. He later changed his story, admitting to using a slingshot to shoot at buildings and cars, police said.

Police arrested Duarte Hidalgo and his son, whose name is redacted in documents, on Nov. 16, records showed.

Duarte Hidalgo posted bond and was due in court in December.