LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “Breaking the Circle: Nathan Chasing Horse Exposed” aired on KLAS-TV in Las Vegas on Sunday evening. In this documentary, the 8 News Now Investigators sat down with individuals who say the “Dances with Wolves” actor victimized them and their families.

Chasing Horse was arrested at his home in North Las Vegas in January where he lived with several women he called wives. A grand jury later indicted him.

He is charged with 18 counts in Clark County in connection with sex crimes against two women, one of them when she was underage. He has appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court asking for the charges against him to be dropped.

Chasing Horse also faces federal charges along with warrants in Fort Peck, Montana and Canada. He was previously banned from several native reservations.

Some allegations of sexual abuse against underage indigenous girls date back to two decades. Chasing Horse claimed that he was a spiritual leader and “Medicine Man.”

In the documentary, the 8 News Now Investigators also looked into what took so long to try to hold Chasing Horse accountable. 

Chasing Horse’s public defenders, Kristy Holston, Tyler Gaston, and Anna Clark sent the 8 News Now Investigators the following statement: 

“There is a lot more to these events than has been presented thus far by the State of Nevada. It is not clear yet whether the State has the bare minimum amount of evidence to warrant even bringing Mr. Chasing Horse to trial. Regardless, Mr. Chasing Horse has pled not guilty to these charges, and looks forward to demonstrating that these allegations are false.”

Chasing Horse remains in the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas. His bail remains at $300,000.

For anyone who may be a victim of sexual assault, help is available through the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE.

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