LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The mother of a child who disappeared in 1986 is scheduled to be sentenced next month.  Amy Elizabeth Fleming took what is known as an “Alford plea,” admitting there is enough evidence to convict her.  She pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.  In 2019, Fleming was arrested for murder.  

In an amended agreement dated April 23, 2019, prosecutors referred to Mahaleel “Lee” Luster as also committing the crime and/or helping to conceal the crime.  Luster, Fleming’s then-boyfriend, has never been charged in connection with the child’s death.

Francillon Pierre (File photo, provided by North Las Vegas Police)

In 1986, Fleming and Luster claimed that they lost track of Francillon Pierre, 3, at Broad Acres Swap Meet in North Las Vegas.  Police found the couple’s behavior suspicious.  They were seen trying to sell Francillon’s toys about a month after his disappearance. 

The year before Francillon’s disappearance, there were child abuse charges against the couple.  Neighbors and a babysitter said they witnessed abuse.  Fleming changed her story several times and in 1986, told 8 News Now that her son had a history of setting fires and she punished him.

“In the circumstances, I feel that it was a controlled circumstance,” Fleming said. 

Fleming also claimed that Francillon’s biological father took the child to Haiti, but the dad was cleared after passing a lie detector test.  Police said Fleming and Luster failed polygraph tests.  The couple spent time in jail for obstruction of justice and later moved to Florida saying they felt attacked.

In 2019, in addition to new witnesses coming forward, investigators used letters from while the couple was in custody as a key piece of evidence to charge Fleming with murder. 

Witness Linda Siegel said in court that Fleming asked her if she had found her son, and was not upset, crying, or frantic.

During a press conference held by North Las Vegas Police, Chief Pam Ojeda read part of a letter from Fleming to Luster, “…What happened was unintentional.  I’m sorry. I hope you know that.”

In court, Detective Steven Wiese also read an excerpt from a letter from Fleming to Luster, “I’ve lived in fear of hurting you.  I am afraid of you because you are truly the only person that can hurt me.  You’re the only one I have left to care about.” Wiese said he believed this was an admission.  “Because he’s the only one that can hurt because he’s the only one that can prove, that can testify that she murdered her child,” Wiese said, referring to Luster.

Fleming’s attorney argued that there is a lack of evidence.  “If the kid is dead, where is the body?  Where is something?  Where is some forensic evidence?  Not even a drop of blood, nothing, nothing to corroborate,” Nicholas Wooldridge said.

Records reveal that Luster remains in Florida.  In 2019, a sister station of KLAS-TV found a note on the couple’s door stating, “My wife did not kill her son.”

Amy Elizabeth Fleming (North Las Vegas Police Department)

Today, Francillon Pierre would have been 39-years-old.  A missing persons poster has an age progression photo for what he would look like at 29-years-old.  His information remains in a database for missing children.

The I-Team reached out to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to find out whether the case is still considered open since Luster has never been charged and the child’s body has never been found.  A response was not provided.

Anyone with information, in this case, is to call Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 or visit