I-Team: Tourists discover hotel closed where they booked reservations


Some Las Vegas tourists have found themselves in a bit of a panic after the motel they booked reservations for doesn’t exist anymore.

The motel called America’s Best Value Inn Las Vegas is located on Tropicana Avenue and Koval Lane.

Imagine being a tourist and arriving in Las Vegas at the motel where you booked your reservations, only to find out it’s not open anymore.

“You will not feel good, I promise you that,” said Arturo Garcia, restaurant manager.

Lately, in addition to being the restaurant manager at Coco’s, he’s unofficially taken on some motel duties, along with his staff since the nearby America’s Best Value Inn closed down.

“People were coming to the restaurant asking where do they check in,” said Samantha Brumley, Coco’s employee.

She shared a photo of tourists who she says showed up for their motel reservation.

“If their first step off the airplane is to come to a closed hotel, and I feel bad you know I just, I just don’t think it’s right,” Brumley said.

She tells the I-Team, shortly after the motel closed last month, she discovered some websites still offered reservations.

But since then, it appears that is no longer happening.

The I-Team has learned the motel was a franchise through the Red Lion Hotel Group. A spokesman said the issue is the owners’ responsibility to address.

In the meantime, workers at Coco’s say they’ve been helping visitors with a place to sit down, wifi, and more while they sort out the unexpected problem.

“Not only do I work here. I also live here,” Brumley said. “We don’t want to have a bad name for Vegas.  We want people to come back. We don’t want them to leave with a bad taste in their mouth.” 

A Clark County spokesman tells 8 News Now there are plans for two new hotel buildings on that property. It’s unclear whether the tourists were able to rebook their reservations or get refunds.

This isn’t the first time workers at Coco’s are lending a hand. On 1 October, they provided a safe place to stay when concert goers and others ran from the Strip to safety.

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