LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Darren Mack pleaded guilty to killing his ex-wife, Charla Mack, inside his Reno townhouse in June 2006. He then shot Judge Chuck Weller, who had presided over the couple’s divorce and custody battle. Thirteen years later, Darren Mack’s son, Jory Mack, said his father is partly innocent and claims he acted in self-defense.

Mack Family photos

  • Darren Mack and Charla Mack
  • Charla Mack
  • Jory Mack and Darren Mack
  • Darren Mack family
  • Darren Mack Charla Mack
  • Darren Mack and Jory Mack
  • Darren Mack license photo
  • Darren Mack booking
  • Darren Mack arrest
  • Darren arrest
  • Darren Mack 2020

Crime scene photos and evidence

WARNING: Some evidence shown in this case may be disturbing.

  • Mack home
  • Outside garage
  • Outside garage
  • Darren Mack crime scene
  • Cars in garage
  • Mack rental car
  • Charla Mack's key
  • Darren Mack crime scene
  • Charla Mack pants
  • Charla Mack shirt
  • Charla Mack clothing
  • Darren papers
  • Charla Mack note
  • Blood on wall
  • Blood on door
  • Mack crime scene
  • Darren Mack crime scene
  • Darren Mack crime scene
  • Weller glasses
  • Judge Weller window
  • Judge Weller window
  • Judge Weller window
  • Close-up Weller window
  • Weller garage
  • Judge Weller window to garage