HENDERSON, Nev. — Jawaher Hejji, 26, sat in her car for two hours and left her car keys and phone behind just before she disappeared, her family told the I-Team.

On Dec. 23, 2020, two days before Christmas, Hejji, of Henderson, parked her car at a construction site off Shaded Canyon Drive near the Amargosa Trail. Her family said they last heard from her the day before.

Searches in the area have consistently come up empty handed. Jawaher’s family tells the I-Team they believe she was abducted.

“I think somebody kidnapped her. That’s what I believe,” Mariam Hejji, Jawaher’s sister said. “There’s no way, there’s no way at all that she wouldn’t contact us for this long.”

Investigators released video of Jawaher walking next to the construction site of the Lennar at Tresor, last month. In it, Jawaher is seen walking down the trail, until she disappeared from view.

A view from above of the construction site and the Amargosa Trail. (KLAS)

“I was just confused,” Mariam said. “I was like, ‘What’s going on? Why is she walking there?”

Jawaher had never been to the site and does not hike on her own, Mariam said. According to the family, construction was active during the time Jawaher was sitting in her car and they hope someone who was on site may be able to provide information to police.

“How would she even know there was a trail over there, like in the construction area?” Mariam said.

In addition to sitting in her car and placing her keys on its roof, all of Jawaher’s belongings and her phone were left behind, her family said. The phone however does not provide any clues because its messages and call history were wiped.

A police dog tracked Jawaher down the trail toward another residential area, but lost the track near a road, her family said. Several searches, including one cadaver dogs, Red Rock Search & Rescue volunteers, drones, and helicopters have all come up with no answers.

Jawaher Hejji (KLAS)

Metro police told the I-Team they continue to follow up on and leads and circulate Jawaher’s picture.

“Anything is a lead,” Mariam said. “Anyone who calls and says they think they’ve seen her, that’s a lead. They need to be following up on all those leads.”

Because of the lack of evidence, Jawaher may be deceased, her family is hopeful she will return home alive.

“We will find her. There’s no way she just disappeared like that,” Mariam said. “We do believe that she will come home soon, and we will find her.”

Lennar at Tresor did not reply to the I-Team’s request for av comment.

The Hejji family continues to plead with investigators to follow up on any leads, no matter how small. Tips can be submitted to Metro police or Crime Stoppers.