LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A mother was sentenced to 24 months in prison Friday for killing her son 35 years ago, but what happened to the child is still unknown. Amy Fleming entered an “Alford Gulity Plea” meaning she believes there may have been enough evidence to convict her, but she is not required to admit guilt.

Francillon Pierre disappeared in 1986 (KLAS)

Shortly after before being sentenced and walking into court, Amy Fleming denied killing her son Francillon Pierre in 1986 to the I-Team’s Vanessa Murphy.

“Of course not,” said Fleming when asked if she had killed her son despite court documents showing she had previously admitted to the killing.

I-Team’s Vanessa Murphy pressed Fleming to respond asking her, “Where is Francillon? Where is he? Will you tell police more about where he is? Should your husband be charged? Are you remorseful?”

Fleming did not respond to the other questions, simply saying “I have no comment” before entering an elevator Friday morning.

Amy Fleming, Lee Luster (KLAS)

Three-year-old Francillon Piere disappeared in 1986 and court documents showed that Amy Fleming had pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. At the time, Fleming’s then-boyfriend, now-husband Lee Luster, claimed they lost track of him at a swap meet in North Las Vegas.

Amy Fleming (Right), then-boyfriend, now-husband Lee Luster (KLAS)

“I will do anything that I can to find my son,” said Fleming in a television interview then. The couple tried to sell Franciillon’s toys about a month after his disappearance. The year before his disappearance, there were child abuse charges against the couple. Investigators believed the couple’s behavior was suspicious, but the child’s body was never found.

Fleming, Luster were accused of abusing Francillon Pierre a year prior to his disappearance

The investigation took a turn in 2019 when new eyewitness testimony and old letters from Fleming to Luster surfaced and were used as evidence to charge Fleming with Francillon’s murder. The I-Team obtained a copy of these and part of an excerpt read: “Just as you couldn’t stand to send me to prison, I cannot stand to see you hate me.”

North Las Vegas police believe words like these are an admission of guilt, but what happened to Francillon remains a mystery.

“He still hasn’t been found at this point but at the very least, history is going to reflect that his death was the responsibility of this particular defendant,” said Marc DiGiacomo, Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney in court Friday. DiGiacomo admitted justice was not fully achieved but asked Judge Tierra Jones to follow the 24-month sentence specified in the plea deal.

Fleming was taken in handcuffs after she was a free woman for decades.

In court documents, prosecutors said Fleming’s husband took part in the crime, but Lee Luster has never been charged in connection with Francillon’s death.

Fleming will serve slightly over 8 months in prison after getting credit for 471 days already served.