Fiore will speak her mind on bigger platform as mayor pro-tem

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Michele Fiore speaks her mind.

Now in her role as mayor pro-tem, she will have an even larger platform. She will represent Las Vegas when the mayor is not available.

In an interview with the I-Team, Fiore talked about her priorities, and she addressed some previous controversies (complete interview in video at bottom).

VANESSA MURPHY, 8NewsNow I-Team: You have a reputation of not holding back, speaking your mind. Will that continue as mayor pro-tem?

FIORE: Oh absolutely.

MURPHY: How so?

FIORE: If you ask me something, Vanessa. I’m going to tell you the truth.

Fiore has made headlines with controversial statements that go back to her days in the Nevada Assembly.

“I can tell you with great respect for my peer, Mr. Munford being the first colored man to graduate his college. We’re in 2015 and we have a black president in case anyone didn’t notice, so the color and the race issue, I think it’s time that we put that to rest and we go forth.”

In the year that followed that statement, she spoke up for cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters another interview:

STEVE SEBELIUS, Politics Now: You can’t point a gun at a federal officer …

FIORE: I would never ever point my firearm unless they pointed at me. Then it becomes self defense and I have to decide if it is my life or your life. I choose my life.

And just last year, in a newsletter to constituents, she stressed how parents cannot be forced to vaccinate their children. She told parents they can fill out a form if they are opposed to vaccinations.

According to the Clark County Health District website, her guidance on exemptions was inaccurate.

“So I do not advocate not to vaccinate your children,” Fiore said. “What I advocate for you to do is get educated on which vaccines you’re vaccinating them with, how old are they, just get educated on vaccines.

Moving forward, Fiore says she will be advocating for the city as a whole, not just her constituents.

The Las Vegas City Council has three new members.

“I have to tell you, our new council members seem absolutely fantastic,” Fiore said.

She worked with two of them in the State Assembly.

She he tells us they are bipartisan and the council will continue moving forward with development downtown, addressing homelessness and looking into pot lounges despite the current ban in Nevada.

After six minutes, the interview was done.

She calls Mayor Carolyn Goodman her mentor for the past two years.

MURPHY: Anything we didn’t cover that you want to talk about?

FIORE: Absolutely not, Vanessa. You’ve been just peachy.

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