I-Team: Prosecutors say Metro detective broke the law for a love affair


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The I-Team has obtained phone calls, photos and video from a case against a Metro detective and a police union leader.

Prosecutors say Larry Rinetti put his career, family and reputation on the line for an affair with Gabriella DiLorenzo, a self-admitted IV heroin user, prostitute and ex-felon. According to police, she has connections to the white supremacist prison gang the Aryan Warriors.

A love letter was presented in court, reading in part, “It’s been amazing getting to know and fall in love with you…L.R.” L.R. are Rinetti’s initials.

Gabriella DiLorenzo

The phone calls we acquired were those DiLorenzo made to Rinetti while she was in jail. The following is how the detective, a married man with kids, said goodbye:

Larry Rinetti: “I …. umm … well, you know what. You know.”

Gabby DiLorenzo: “Yeah.”

Rinetti: “You know. Alright. I know you know I know.”

DiLorenzo: “Yeah.”

Rinetti: “Yeah.”

DiLorenzo: *laughs*

Rinetti was a Metro detective on a fugitive task force. Prosecutors say over 16 months, the couple had 16,500 calls and texts until Rinetti’s arrest in October.

DiLorenzo was the key witness leading up to a grand jury indictment. In her testimony, she said she met Rinetti in June 2018 while she was in jail providing tips to police.

A month later, she said their relationship became sexual.

Rinetti helped sign DiLorenzo up as a confidential informant for another officer.

She testified he would drive her to a methadone clinic while he was supposed to be working. She said he also stole drugs from evidence for her to sell, including meth and heroin, twice. She said she used the heroin.

DiLorenzo also testified Rinetti would give her his urine because she was regularly tested for an ongoing court case. Her urine needed to be clean, but she said she was using drugs.

She testified that one time, Michael Ramirez, Rinetti’s friend, gave her his urine instead.

Ramirez was in charge of governmental affairs at the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, where he lobbied lawmakers and met with politicians on behalf of the Union.

Detectives say they found photos of DiLorenzo on Ramirez’s phone. She said his urine landed her in jail because alcohol showed up in the sample.

That’s where a few calls come in.

Rinetti: “You know I’ll do what I can for you because I believe in you and because you’ve done some really good things for me. And, that’s the only reason why. I’m not gonna say much on the telephone, but…”

DiLorenzo: “Yeah.”

Rinetti: “Alright, this sucks.”

Prosecutors say cell phone records showing Rinetti and Ramirez’s whereabouts backed up DiLorenzo’s testimony, along with photos and video.

DiLorenzo’s car was towed after an officer noted the vehicle’s plates were coming back stolen. Rinetti was seen on video in the tow yard, as prosecutors say he was getting stolen gems out of her car for her.

The I-Team also obtained photos from a crash Rinetti was involved in. According to DiLorenzo, after the detective was at her place and running late for police training, she told him to put his lights and sirens on to get there faster.

He did.

Detectives say Rinetti ran a red light, injured another driver and then collected more than $100,000 in workers comp.

The I-Team also found Facebook messages in court evidence. DiLorenzo said Rinetti was jealous, demanding her password and threatened a man who made contact with her, writing, “I’m going to hunt you down,” along with offensive language.

In a series of jail phone calls, the detective admitted he was taking a risk for DiLorenzo after she begged him to get her friend out of trouble so the friend would pay her $5,000 bail.

Rinetti: “I had to sell my soul to the devil for this *bleeping* guy. I’ve gotta do things I don’t want to do.”

Now, Rinetti faces 40 charges. Ramirez faces two.

The following is what Rinetti is charged with:

  • Trafficking in controlled substance
  • Transport of a controlled substance (2 counts)
  • Give away a controlled substance (2 counts)
  • Misconduct of a public officer (6 counts)
  • Conspiracy to commit possession of stolen property
  • Possession of stolen property (2 counts)
  • Conspiracy to commit theft
  • Theft (3 counts)
  • Conspiracy to obtain, using, possessing or selling personal identifying information
  • Obtaining, using, possessing or selling personal identifying information for unlawful purpose
  • Conspiracy to commit fraudulent use of credit or debit card
  • Fraudulent use of credit or debit card
  • Conspiracy to commit a crime (3 counts)
  • Receiving property or services obtained by unlawful use of credit or debit card
  • Offering a false instrument for filing or record (12 counts)
  • Reckless driving
  • Insurance fraud

The following is what Ramirez is charged with:

  • Conspiracy to commit a crime
  • Offering a false instrument for filing or record

Ramirez’s attorney, David Roger, says he is on administrative leave without pay from Metro and the Union, and he has no comment.

Tony Sgro, Rinetti’s attorney, says the detective resigned from Metro. He sent a statement to the I-Team:

When the State presented this case to the grand jury, they chose to present a one sided, incomplete picture of what occurred. The defense of this case involves so much more than calling DiLorenzo a liar, at this point even the State agrees she is a liar. The defense of this case is based on the volumes of exculpatory evidence that the State thus far has elected to ignore.

Tony Sgro, Attorney

Sgro also provided various pages from transcripts of recordings, which he says show that DiLorenzo changed her story.

WARNING: The following document contains explicit language. Reader discretion is advised.

We also obtained an affidavit regarding Rinetti’s crash.

Sgro says Metro investigated the incident, and the document shows Rinetti did not commit insurance fraud, which he is charged with.

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