I-Team: Police say GPS tracked man to murder scene


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man accused of murdering a woman was wearing an ankle monitor from a previous case. The I-Team spoke with the defendant and took a closer look at what police found for this exclusive report.

The first case against Aaron Harris involved alleged sex crimes against children, and he was given electronic monitoring. In the second case, seven months later, he’s accused of killing his wife.

Harris says he has an answer, though, as to why the ankle monitor was linked to the location of the crime.

“I’m just driving around, looking for my wife,” he told police.

On September 24, Harris reports his wife as missing. He claims she texted him with concerns about a stranger she crossed paths with while running errands.

The following is a portion of the call between Harris and police:

Operator: “So, at this point, are you suspecting some kind of foul play, based on the text messages that you were receiving rom her?”

Harris: “Yeah, I mean …”

Operator: “And now you’re not able to make contact?”

Harris: “I can’t make no contact with her. I’ve been FaceTiming her, calling her, just everything.”

Metro Police detectives show up at the couple’s home near the Las Vegas Strip. They ask Harris if he and his wife fought that day, to which he replies “no.”

The body of Candace Harris was found in her SUV in a desert area in Henderson. Two days later, Harris is arrested for murder.

Henderson Police say they found evidence in a second home near Lake Las Vegas. This includes the 43-year-old woman’s scrubs she appeared to be wearing before she was killed, cellophane possibly used to strangle her and GPS information.

Harris was previously accused of molesting children. While he waited for that case to proceed, he was granted bail and electronic monitoring.

Detectives say when Harris claimed he searched for his wife at multiple locations, his GPS coordinates reveal he was lying. When his wife’s SUV was pulling out of the Lake Las Vegas home, the GPS coordinates show he was in her car. He was also tracked to where her body was found.

“Yes, I do have a GPS on, but this GPS only shows coordinates,” Harris told the I-Team during an interview in jail. “The GPS isn’t an eyewitness.”

When we asked him if he killed his wife, he replied: “No, ma’am.”

Harris claims he found his wife’s body, but never mentioned that to two different 911 operators.

Harris: “At that point, I’m traumatized. I’ve seen, found my wife, the love of my life, dead.”

Vanessa Murphy: “But at no point in that call did you say you found her, right?”

Harris: “At that point, I was traumatized.”

He claims the allegations of sex crimes against children aren’t true, either.

“No, ma’am, there is no history of none of this in my life,” he told us. “… I know it looks crazy, but the world looks crazy, but the facts always gonna stand strong.”

Harris says he plans on representing himself in court.

“I love my wife. I miss my wife, and I pray that she is gonna prevail through all of this,” he said. The I-Team asked how she would prevail, “We’re gonna find out who killed my wife,” he answered.

We’ve learned that Candace was also a defendant in that initial sex crimes case for allegedly failing to protect the victims involved.

As for the murder case, a detective testified in front of the grand jury that there was a third vehicle at the Lake Las Vegas home. The vehicles present were trucks belonging to Aaron and Candace Harris and a third silver sedan — a possible accomplice was mentioned. We reached out to Henderson Police to find out whether that individual was arrested, and they declined to answer.

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