I-Team: Poker player requests new judge for case


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas poker player is in jail accused of sex crimes against children, but he is fighting his case. The I-Team first brought you an exclusive interview with Raymond Davis in November, discussing the delay in his arrest.

Now, Davis is asking for a new judge, and while his attorney couldn’t make it to court at the last minute, Davis addressed the court himself.

Davis: “Your honor, can I address the court?”

Judge Linda Bell, Clark County District Court: “Sir, I really don’t think that’s a good idea without your lawyer being here.”

Davis: “… I know what I’m doing.”

Davis faces nine charges relating to sex crimes against children. An alleged victim told Metro Police while she was underage, Davis paid her for oral sex at his home on several occasions after they met on Facebook. She also said he paid she and her friend to watch them shower together. In an exclusive interview from jail, the professional poker player told the I-Team he’s innocent.

“I have been to massage parlors, I admit that,” Raymond said, “I have picked up girls off Craigslist. I admit that. But I have never, never in my life paid a girl, underage woman, girl, for sex.”

The I-Team previously reported on a flaw in the case against Davis. The warrant for his arrest was issued in 2016, but he wasn’t taken into custody until a traffic stop in 2019.

Davis runs Real Grinders, which provides a lounge for poker players near the Rio. He’s also active on social media, so he wouldn’t be difficult for police to find.

His initial bail was set at $25,000, but Clark County District Court Judge Jacqueline Bluth upped it to $500,000 and listed why in an order. She wrote:

When representing himself in court, he refused to follow any type or order or procedural guidelines and screamed obscenities at the prosecutor. He claimed he had mental issues, had outbursts and said his mind told him to do dangerous things. He asked the court to remove his house arrest bracelet. The court heard evidence about three other juvenile victims of Davis, and he’s alleged to have committed sex acts against children dating back to 2000. He claimed his poker winnings were over $17,000,000, and he offered the prosecutor $50,000 while trying to negotiate his case, and he said he could give her information about a sex trafficking ring.

She also pointed to a criminal history, including three felonies and multiple identities, which Davis denies.

“From day one, it has been total bias against me,” said Davis.

The poker player has filed motion after motion, including that request for a new judge, which is prompting Chief Judge Linda Bell to step in. Davis has since re-hired Attorney Craig Mueller, who previously worked for him and had a scheduling conflict Tuesday. Davis continues to blame Judge Jacqueline Bluth and Prosecutor Stacey Kollins.

Davis: “District court, they are not only in double jeopardy but in triple jeopardy. I would like to file some motions in open court.”

Judge: “Sir, I can’t do that here. You are welcome to address that the next time that you are in the trial department. I am only here to view the or to make a decision on the motion to disqualify.”

The hearing is rescheduled for next week.

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