LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two parents convicted of child abuse got probation instead of prison time.

WARNING: Images in this report show the child’s injuries and may be disturbing to readers.

Photos of the 7-year-old reveal his injuries, bruises and scars all over his body.

Metro Police say his parents, Ashleigh Adams and David England, whipped him with a cord and a belt. The child said Adams once threw a boot at his head.

He was hospitalized with serious injuries.

“This is horrific child abuse,” said Dena Rinetti, Clark County chief deputy district attorney. “It is one of the worst whipping cases I have ever done in my career.”

On May 19, Rinetti argued for 12 years in prison for the parents, the maximum sentence specified in a plea deal, despite no criminal history.

“There are some cases, not often, there are some cases deserve prison, despite a lack of a criminal record,” Rinetti said, “and this is one of them.”

Adams and England pleaded guilty to three felony counts of child abuse, after they were initially charged with 19 counts.

“This is ongoing torture of this child,” Rinetti lamented. “This is the face of child abuse. This is the face of a child in crisis.”

Court records reveal the parents admitted to beating the child, and Adams said her son would cry and scream.

Now, two years later, in Clark County District Court, England says he was the victim of abuse as a child. Both parents told Judge Bita Yeager they’re sorry and have taken steps, like counseling, to change.

“I’m not a bad person at all,” said Adams. “I loved my kids to death, and I just want to be a mom to them again and show them how much I have missed them and how much I have changed and learned along the course of these two years.”

Yeager handed the parents suspended sentences of 72 to 180 months. They will both spend less than 60 days in the county jail, be on probation for five years, and if they stay out of trouble, they will spend no time in state prison.

In court, it was revealed they are trying to be reunited with the boy and his little sister, who are currently in foster care.

Rinetti says the photos of the child’s injuries are warning signs that something even worse could have happened to the child, who will live with lifelong trauma, caused by own his parents.

“Your honor, we need justice for this child,” the chief deputy DA urged.

By law, in Nevada, parents are allowed to discipline their children by spanking them, as long as it does not cause an injury to the child.

If you are aware of possible child abuse or neglect, you are urged to report it. In Clark County, you can call (702) 399-0081.