LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You may have experienced a tough time getting a doctor’s appointment and that’s while hospitals are having a tough time finding nurses.

Nevada’s healthcare system has its flaws, and the governor is holding a summit tomorrow to address that. The 8 News Now I-Team’s Vanessa Murphy sat down with him Monday.

One of the issues that will be addressed at the governor’s summit is oversight. That includes the Medical Board and the Dental Board.

The I-Team has recently investigated both. We found — in some cases — there’s been a lack of action to protect patients.

Earlier this month, the I-Team’s David Charns brought us the story of Maria Loyo-Morales. She was recently convicted after she was repeatedly caught by the Dental Board performing dental work without a license.

And in February, the I-Team followed up on allegations against Dr. Stephen Gordon. Two women died after going to him for Brazilian butt lifts.

The families of both of those women believe the board gave Dr. Gordon a slap on the wrist.

He remains licensed in the State of Nevada and there has been limited information about him on the board’s website. That’s information a potential patient might want to know.

Gov. Steve Sisolak said today during a one-on-one interview that the boards have been an issue at the state level. He says he wanted to address this during the last legislative session, but that was put on hold because of the pandemic.

“You can’t have a session where you’re gonna discuss something of such magnitude and have two minutes of public comment on this side and two minutes on that side,” Sisolak said. “And you couldn’t get together for work sessions or whatnot.”

Among the changes: “So we want to go back and address the boards in and of themselves in terms of updating their rules and protocols and so forth to make sure that they are transparent as they can be for the public, and that we’re sure that the information is available,” he said.

Again, the Governor’s Healthcare Provider Summit will be Tuesday. He said Nevada’s severe nursing shortage is another issue that needs to be addressed.

And the Health and Human Services Secretary is also expected to attend the event to make an announcement regarding a mental health initiative.

The event appears to be open to press only but it will be live-streamed. We’ll have a link for you at as soon as it’s available.