I-Team Only on 8: New information in Henderson alleged murder suicide


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A murder suicide in Henderson last summer left many questions. The I-Team obtained video, crime scene photos and reports that help reveal what happened behind closed doors.

WARNING: Some of the video in the story could be considered disturbing to some viewers.

Video revealed the final moments of the lives of Juliane Kellner, 42, and Victor Crisan, 39. Juliane was dancing, and Victor used his flashlight as a strobe light while he was holding a gun.

Minutes later, they were dead.

“It’s devastating, for one. It shouldn’t happen to anybody under circumstances,” said Brandon Wilt, Juliane’s son. “She was doing so well, and I think she just got tied up with the wrong person.”

Wilt sat down with the I-Team shortly after learning about his mother’s death in July 2019.

“Just keep praying for us, keep praying for our family that we get through this and that God leads us in the right direction of what we need to do next,” Wilt urged.

What they didn’t have then were answers. Now, the I-Team is uncovering more information.

“We kinda knew something was up because the coroner came, and he parked in front of our apartment,” recalled Henderson resident Tom Snezeck.

According to a Henderson police report, Kellner, who was in recovery, left her sober living house in Las Vegas on June 28.

Metro Police began investigating when she was reported missing on July 2.

Authorities learned Juliane may have gone to visit a man she was dating for about a month, who went by the name of “Alex”, at a Henderson apartment. His legal name was Victor Crisan.

They met on the website Plenty of Fish.

Henderson Police conducted welfare checks on July 5, 6 and 7, but never went inside the apartment until July 10.

When they entered the premises, they found what appeared to be a murder suicide, with Juliane being the victim and Victor the killer.

“I know she didn’t know what she was dealing with. She would’ve never went there that day knowing that she was dealing with this type of situation,” stated Jennifer Bratton, Juliane’s friend.

At 42-years-old, Juliane had worked to turn her life around.

“I will continue to live a life that’s blessed, not broken,” she said before her death.

Juliane was open about her addiction.

Wilt told the I-Team Kellner was sold into the sex trade as a child, and despite her struggles, she was a good mom to him and his two teen sisters.

Her friend told police the last day she was seen, she had accidentally taken too many sleeping pills, and her attitude seemed to have changed lately.

Investigators said Victor’s ex-girlfriend said he wasn’t violent, but their eight-year relationship ended because of his alcohol habit. She said Victor was from Romania, his mother had abandoned him in the 90s and his father was dead.

Video from inside his apartment is dated June 30, 10 days before their bodies were found. There was even a missing persons flyer slipped under the door.

Police made the following notes about the footage:

  • Victor is holding a gun
  • Victor and Juliane head to the bedroom
  • A few minutes later, Victor, who has blood on his body, appears to get ammunition and goes back to the bedroom

Toxicology revealed both Juliane and Victor had significant amounts of alcohol in their systems.

We do not know if Victor accidentally shot Juliane and then killed himself or whether he took her life on purpose before taking his own.

Juliane said the following words about her life before it tragically ended:

“I don’t know how my story will end, but I do know this: nowhere in the text will it ever read she gave up. Amen.”

After Juliane’s death was widely reported, her son reported to police that a thief had wiped out her bank account. Police said someone made two withdrawals at a Wells Fargo branch in Austin, Texas, that amounted to nearly $3,400.

Police named a suspect, but since the bank reimbursed the family, no arrests were made, and the case was closed.

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