LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The man accused of murdering 2-year-old Amari Nicholson grabbed an officer’s gun inside an interview room at Metro headquarters and removed it from its holster, the I-Team has learned.

Terrell Rhodes, 27, is accused of killing the toddler after the boy soiled himself. He told police a woman took Amari while his mother was out of state.

Last Wednesday, police said Rhodes was inside an interview room after confessing to murdering the boy, his arrest report said. After about 20 minutes in the interview room, Rhodes, who had his right hand cuffed to a mounted plate, became upset and said repeatedly, “let me out of here,” and, “I can’t go back,” according to police.

Courtesy: Family member of Amari Nicholson

Two detectives entered the room, and Rhodes lunged at one, grabbing the gun from her holster, the report said.

The three struggled over the gun while Rhodes said, “I’m gonna kill a [expletive],” police said. Two more detectives joined the struggle before Rhodes was disarmed.

According to the report, Rhodes repeatedly said, “I wanna die” and “kill me.”

Aside from the murder charge, Rhodes faces four charges of resisting a public officer with a firearm and four charges of assault on a protected person with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident.