LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The man accused of running over a manager at a Dotty’s casino, killing her, had targeted a customer who had won several jackpots during the day and was tipped off by a co-conspirator inside the business, investigators wrote in documents obtained by the 8 News Now I-Team.

Samuel Schmid, 28, faces charges of murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and battery. Police identified Schmid as the suspect in 60-year-old Alicia Gibellina’s murder last week. Gibellina, the casino’s manager, was killed on May 11 when she ran after Schmid, who stole a customer’s purse, police said.

Police believe Schmid entered the casino, gambled for a few minutes, and then ran off with the purse of a woman who had won about $30,000 throughout the day, they wrote in an arrest report.

Video obtained by the 8 News Now I-Team a day after the murder shows a woman, believed to be Gibellina, running after the man to his car, which was parked right outside the front door. The manager then confronts him as he gets into a car. Police said the man pulled a handgun, causing the woman to back away from the car toward its rear.

Las Vegas Metro police have identified the man arrested for killing a Dotty’s manager last week as Samuel Schmid, 28. (Riverside County Sheriff’s Office/KLAS)

Police reviewed a video from the incident, which showed a stolen Mercedes GL 550 SUV parking in a handicapped spot. Schmid then gets out of the car and enters the casino, they said. Schmid then returned to the car several minutes later as if he were looking for an item, they said, then went back inside.

Schmid entered the casino a second time and grabbed the jackpot winner’s purse, police said. During the struggle, his phone fell from a pocket and onto the floor, police said.

Detectives later learned two men were wanted in the theft of the Mercedes on May 8, just three days before the murder. Police did not provide details about that part of the investigation but said latent fingerprints prints were found in the area, matching Schmid’s. The stolen SUV was found this past weekend.

Prints also matched a second suspect who was in custody at the Clark County Detention Center, police said.

Alicia Gibellina (left) shown here was killed following a robbery on May 11 at a Dotty’s near Flamingo and Jones. (Diana Gibellina)

Detectives then examined the phone left behind inside the Dotty’s, finding several photos of Schmid, which matched a Facebook profile, they said. Other messages found on the phone indicated Schmid was messaging with another person who was providing descriptive information on who to rob inside the casino. That suspect’s name is redacted in the documents.

Police in Riverside, California, arrested Schmid last week.

On March 17, police accused Schmid of stealing a car, though few details about the incident were available Wednesday. Records indicate Schmid faces charges of possessing, receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, drug possession, possession of burglary tools, and carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun for that incident.

Court records indicate a judge did not hear “arguments from the prosecution and defense counsel regarding custody of the defendant” in that case. Because no bail argument was heard, a judge released Schmid on his own recognizance, ordering him to stay out of trouble. Prosecutors had asked the judge to give them 90 days to file a criminal complaint, records showed.

Schmid was being held without bail. He was due in court again Thursday.