I-Team: How secure is the November election?


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — How secure is the November election? According to election officials, measures are in place to prevent problems, but what is law enforcement doing?

The I-Team talked with the head of the FBI Las Vegas division about keeping ballots safe.

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about the November election. Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, the head of the FBI division in Las Vegas, says voters should feel confident in the process. He also says any issues will be investigated.

“Because of the robust protections for voting here in Nevada, it’s really hard to get away with anything,” Rouse said. 

President Donald Trump continuously questions the November election’s integrity, even saying Governor Steve Sisolak, D-NV, will steal it.

One of his main concerns is mail-in ballots.

Election officials insist signature verification helps eliminate voter fraud.

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Is it (voter fraud) widespread in Nevada?”
Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, FBI Las Vegas: “I wouldn’t say it’s widespread. I would say that we get reports every year, every election cycle of potential voter fraud situations, and we investigate them thoroughly, and we hold the people, if it’s proven, then we hold them accountable through the U.S. Attorney’s office.” 

As the I-Team reported, data reveals only two votes in Nevada have been cast illegally since 2008. Rouse says the FBI will investigate any allegations of fraud or voter intimidation now and on Nov. 3.

He also tells the i-team he has confidence in the voting machines since they are not part of a network and have no internet connection.

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Were there attempts to hack into our system?”
Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, FBI Las Vegas: “You can’t do it, Vanessa. You cannot hack into the Nevada voting machine system. You just can’t do it.”
Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “100%?”
Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, FBI Las Vegas: “You would have to go machine by machine, and that is just not feasible.”

Interference from abroad is a major concern.

“Foreign adversaries from multiple countries are keen on undermining people’s confidence in the election, and so they do that utilizing social media, the internet, and they’ve put out — sometimes it appears to be legitimate stories, Rouse said. “Or they put out memes that people glom onto that [and] make them think that the election is somehow gonna be illegitimate.”

President Trump has suggested people try to vote twice to test the system by the mail-in process and in person. However, Rouse says, don’t do that because it’s a crime.

One way you can report suspected voter fraud, voter intimidation, or other issues is by filling out a form through the Secretary of State’s office. You can also call a hotline: 775-684-5705.

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