I-Team Exclusive: CCSD transparency called into question over school bus video requests, heavily redacted release


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Imagine you’re a parent whose child was hurt, and you learn there’s video showing how it happened. You’d want to see it to gather facts, right?

Parent after parent told the I-Team the Clark County School District refuses to show them video of incidents involving their children. The district isn’t being transparent with the I-Team, either.

Paul Bensa was a student with special needs who attended CCSD’s Variety School until his mother, Claudia, says he didn’t want to go back.

Paul’s arm was injured on a school bus the morning of Aug. 23. Bensa said she learned there was video of how Paul was hurt on the school bus, but both school police and school staff have never let her see it.

“I tried looking for help to see the video,” said Bensa.

She reached out to the I-Team, who filed a request with CCSD for the video. By law, the district needed to provide it in a timely manner, but a representative requested a couple of time extensions so they could redact information. This included blurring the faces of students and employees.

The video the I-Team received was blurred so much, you are unable to see what happened.

The I-Team obtained the CCSD police report, which reveals what the footage shows. Another student had a small, sharp object and poked and scratched Paul’s arm throughout the bus ride. This occurred while there were two aides on the bus, one of which was helping another student. The other was sitting in front of the bus and didn’t see what was happening.

“For me, the responsibility for what happened with my son is the aide,” Bensa said. “You have two aides in the bus. How nobody know what happened?”

The police report states due to the other student’s disability, he does have the cognitive ability to be charged with a crime. The case was closed, but not for the Bensa family. Paul has told his mother he does not want to go school and is scared.

More than two months later, Bensa says the video the I-Team received is the only video she will have seen.

Paul Bensa was attending Variety School as a continuing student. He is 21-years-old, and his mother says he attends another adult daycare program.

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