I-Team Exclusive: 3 people accused of being in white supremacist gang speak out from jail


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Three people accused of being in a white supremacist gang spoke exclusively to the 8 News NOW I-Team from jail Thursday. Last month the DEA and other agencies announced 23 arrests of who they call Aryan Warrior gang members.  

Three of them agreed to talk from the Clark County Detention Center.

The three defendants the I-Team spoke with deny any involvement in the Aryan Warrior gang. 

Two of them, a husband and a wife duo, would not answer specific questions asked to them. Norma Snyder and her husband Jess Guth are among the 23 people who were indicted.

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Are you part of the Aryan Warrior gang?”
Norma Snyder, defendant: “I am not. I am not.”
Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Are you a white supremacist?”
Norma Snyder, defendant: “Ma’am, my daughter; I have a 23-year-old daughter who is half black, half white.” 

Defendant Norma Snyder

Authorities call them, members of the Aryan Warrior gang who were deemed as dangerous and violent. Some of the defendants are accused of murder. Snyder and Guth are accused of drug trafficking, racketeering, and much more.

“The majority of the people on that — on this indictment — umm were; have fallen out with the gang over so much time,” Guth said. 

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Were you part of that gang in prison?” 
Jess Guth, defendant: “I’m not [going to] speak on this without an attorney.” 

Defendant Jess Guth

According to grand jury transcripts, Guth admitted to being a member of the Aryan Warriors gang at High Desert State Prison. He also has an ‘AW’ tattoo on his body.

Guth spent time behind bars for attempted murder, forgery, and other charges. However, he insists the past year he has stayed out of trouble. He says he’s been working construction at the new Raiders stadium.

Metro police say the couple was selling drugs. Investigators say a confidential informant purchased methamphetamine at their home twice earlier this year, and at least once, Norma Snyder delivered the meth. A search warrant revealed a stash inside the house.

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Were you dealing drugs out of your home?”  
Norma Snyder, defendant: “I’m not gonna answer any of these questions.”

“They’re charging me with trafficking; they don’t have me selling any drugs whatsoever,” Guth said.

Defendant Michael Sullivan admitted to the I-Team he was selling drugs.

“Oh yeah, I sold some dope; yeah,” Sullivan said.

But he also denies any involvement with the Aryan Warrior gang.

“I ain’t never been in a gang in my whole entire life,” he said. 

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “You’re not a white supremacist?”
Michael Sullivan, defendant: “Not at all. Not at all.” 

Defendant Michael Sullivan

Guth says he has a lot more to say, but he hasn’t been appointed an attorney yet, so he wants to wait to talk with his lawyer.

The I-Team requested interviews with all of the defendants currently being housed at the Clark County Detention Center. The three interviewed are the only ones who agreed to speak about the case.

There are additional defendants in prison where typically on camera interviews are not allowed.

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