LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some say music can be the best medicine. A doctor on the frontlines of Southern Nevada’s fight with COVID-19 has a second career, using a special platform to spread awareness about the virus.

“Dr. Kahn, he’s gotta get a lot of stuff off his chest, and he’s not talking about the stethoscope.”

In this hospital, he’s Dr. Kamran Khan. In the studio, he’s known as “Lazarus.”

“Both motivated each other, and that’s the crazy thing because me becoming a doctor helped me become a rapper, and me being a rapper helped me become a doctor,” Khan shared.

He says his biggest accomplishment on stage is touring with the Wu-Tang Clan.

On the frontlines, he’s caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When this whole thing started back in March, it just hit us like a storm,” he said. “…I know there’s at least 400, 450 people that I’ve been able to get home who were sick with COVID-19, who are gonna be better now.”

He also acknowledges the lives that could not be saved, both young and old.

“Every time you have to go through that process repeatedly, it’s extremely traumatic,” Khan said. “And it’s like, I really, really had to go through a lot myself personally just to get through those times.”

He’s using that experience to spread awareness in the hip-hop community.

“Look at the numbers, bro, look at all the people dying, bro, from COVID-19,” Khan lamented. “The worst thing is when people tell me it’s fake.”

From Instagram lives with celebrities, like Fat Joe and LL Cool J, to more personal videos posted to social media, his reach is more than 127,000 followers on Instagram and more than 20,000 on Twitter.

“Just tell everybody to be safe out there, man. I lost a patient today,” Khan shared. “It was very, very painful for me.”

And with distrust about the vaccine, especially in minority communities, he shared when he received it.

“Do your research on it and make an educated decision as to whether you wanna take it or not,” Khan said. “From my personal perspective, I encourage it.”

While the pandemic is not over, he’s continuing his message from a Las Vegas hospital to an audience worldwide.