I-Team: Deadly DUI suspect Gragson had .181 BAC


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – More is being learned about the moments after a deadly crash and the demeanor of the driver.

Tuesday, the I-Team brought you never before seen video from the case against Las Vegas business executive Scott Gragson who is facing eight felony charges.

Gragson may have had a higher blood alcohol level than we’ve heard about. The I-Team obtained medical records which reveal a BAC of .181 less than two hours after the crash. That’s more than twice the legal limit.

An arrest report lists results from a blood draw taken later after a search warrant was obtained and about three-and-a half hours after the crash. That BAC is .147. We reached out to Metro police for clarification on why the first blood draw is not included in the report, but have not heard back yet.

Video shows Gragson being given a field sobriety test.

Scott Gragson: “1, 2, 3,…”
Metro officer: “Look down at your foot…”
Scott Gragson: “3, 4, 5, 6 … oh, I just failed it.”

Body camera video the I-Team obtained Tuesday shows Gragson’s interactions with a Metro police officer moments after he crashed his Range Rover.

WEB EXTRA: Metro officer’s body camera video

The Las Vegas business executive was driving to his home at the Ridges in Summerlin when he argued at the gate with a security guard, drove off and lost control.

Photos show the path his Range Rover took and video shows where it ended. Gragson is seen exiting the vehicle and walking around before police arrived.

Investigators say three passengers were injured and it appears Gragson did not know Melissa Newton, a mother of three, was killed.

Melissa Newton, a mother of three, was killed in crash. (KLAS-TV)

Scott Gragson: “Is she OK?”
Metro officer: “Yeah…”
Scott Gragson: “You promise me?”
Metro officer: “Yeah.”
Scott Gragson: “Promise…”
Metro officer: “Sir, so we’re working a dynamic scene. We’re trying to figure out…”
Scott Gragson: “I know…”

Minutes later, the 53-year-old man is arrested for DUI. He’s put on a stretcher and taken to University Medical Center where trauma nurse Andrea Perera treated him, according to court documents.

She testified to the grand jury that he appeared to be intoxicated. She said he was inappropriately jovial. He knew he was in a car accident but he didn’t seem to grasp the impact of that, and he was animated in his gestures and impulsive with basically no memory.

She said as Gragson sobered up throughout four to five hours, he became very remorseful and in her opinion, he was probably a very kind person that made a horrible mistake.

Scott Gragson: “Passenger alright?”
Metro officer:  “Well, sir, I’m gonna tell you this. It’s not good.”

Scott Gragson’s Range Rover after the deadly crash. (KLAS-TV)

Gragson’s attorney told 8 News Now last week he intends on pleading not guilty to charges. He was indicted on eight felony counts.

Currently, Gragson is out on bail.

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