I-Team: Black Lives Matter organizer, US Marshal talk unrest in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A local Black Lives Matter organizer told the I-Team he does not support violence during protests, and the US Marshal believes the individuals causing the chaos are outsiders.

From law enforcement, there are heavy hearts about Metro Police Officer Shay Mikalonis, who was gravely injured after being shot during a protest on the Las Vegas Strip Monday night.

“Because we were part of the team effort last night, our hearts go out to the family of the Metropolitan Police Department officer that’s at UMC right now,” said Gary Schofield, US Marshal for the District of Nevada.

Schofield held back tears after the incident involving Mikalonis.

Down the road, Metro Police shot and killed a protester who they say reached for his weapon and aimed at them. It happened at the Federal Courthouse, which the US Marshals were guarding.

“Metro responded accordingly, and as soon as that incident was done, a Deputy US Marshal rendered aid to that individual to save his life,” Schofield explained.

He said three out of four Federal Courthouses in Nevada and two federal buildings in Downtown Las Vegas are damaged. Investigators are trying to track down the individuals responsible.

“You went out and destroyed federal facilities; the full force of the federal government is investigating you right now to identify who you are.”

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter organizer Shaheem Falaniko voiced his disapproval of these destructive actions, saying:

“This is not just for the Black Lives Matter movement, you know, people, but also outside people that wanna stand with us. You’re only creating and putting other people at risk when things aren’t properly organized.”

He is planning a peaceful event and a vigil for Black lives lost, like George Floyd, who died at the hands of police, and for officers like Mikalonis.

“We don’t want anymore reckless protesting or people who are just angry and antagonizing police officers and shooting at police officers,” said Falaniko. “That’s not the way; that is not gonna bring our communities together.”

The Black Lives Matter event and vigil is scheduled for tomorrow, June 3, from 5 to 9 p.m.

Falaniko said he’s tried reaching Metro Police to coordinate and is hoping the department will contact him.

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