LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’re t-minus two days until valley skies light up with colorful explosions for the Fourth of July holiday! The biggest fireworks show is expected on the Las Vegas Strip and will be put on by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Several resorts will shoot off fireworks from their rooftops. 8 News Now got a behind-the-scenes look of what you can expect during the celebration.

Pyrotechnicians are installing thousands of fireworks on the rooftops of seven Strip resorts, including Treasure Island. As many as 80 of these specialists are involved.

The team is carefully wiring aerial shells, with each individual wire functioning as the electrical ignitor.

Fireworks by Grucci says it typically takes them an entire year to produce the New Year’s Eve fireworks display. The one for Independence Day will be bigger, despite only having a few months to work on it.

At 11 p.m. Sunday, the eight-minute show will salute America’s independence while celebrating the city’s own independence from the coronavirus shutdowns.

“The messaging ‘we’re back’ is the first song, starts off really strong. Aretha Franklin is in there for freedom,” explained Phil Grucci, CEO and creative director of Fireworks by Grucci. “Has those elevations and movements, so you use the effects that start low and build, freedom, freedom. And as it gets bigger and bigger, it grows bigger, all the buildings will do the same thing, and then ending with stars and stripes. It’s going to rock, rock your chest. You’re going to feel it.”

The launching zones stretch from The STRAT all down to the Aria. Grucci says it’s the nation’s largest network stage, in terms of distance.

After having such a dark pandemic year, many of us are ready to celebrate!

“It’s exciting. It’s emotional for us, as well,” said Grucci. “We are just like everybody else. The last year and a half, we’ve been devastated, as far as our business.”

There will be no road closures on the Strip, so you’ll have to enjoy the fireworks show from the sidewalk.