LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Edwin Arroyo was born in Mexico.  He and his family have a love for one thing: baking. 

This passion has been passed on from generation to generation and as a family, they have made their American dream come true in Las Vegas.

“We come here trying to do something better for the family,” Arroyo said. “We are from Mexico actually we’re a big family we all grew up over there 

Together as a family they had one dream — to open up a bakery.

“When we come here to the USA, we worked at the supermarkets, you know at the bakery and we had the opportunity to make this business and we are we are here,” Arroyo said. 

Arroyo says together they wanted to do something for the Las Vegas community.

“We want to do something better for our people like you know something you can buy at the strip,” Arroyo said. “We’re trying to do everything for the people: cakes, custom cakes, jellies and everything.”

That’s when “Vegas Bakery” became a reality, and at Vegas Bakery bringing diversity is their number one priority.

“When the people just come here they’re just surprised,” Arroyo said. “We have something for each place from Italy, El Salvador we’re trying to do stuff from all the places.”

“We have many breads right here we have the famous borachitos, a lot of cookies, the famous conchas,” Arroyo said. “We have mini cheesecakes right here. We have macaroons. We have canolies. 

The one thing you must try: the famous 4-in-1 cake.

“It is a 3 leches cake, chocolate cake, cheese cake and flan,” Arroyo said.

“I like the variety and I like to try new things and I always like the quality of the products,” said customer Roxana Monseivs. 

Arroyo has some advice to everyone looking to pursue their dreams.

“If you want something, you can do it. Hard work pay off,” Arroyo said.

Vegas Bakery has 2 locations: the first one between North Jones Boulevard and Lake Mead Boulevard. The second is between Lake Mead and Civic Center.