LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — February is Black History Month, and many in our community are looking to support black-owned businesses. Here in Las Vegas, new businesses are popping up despite the challenges of the pandemic. 

Munchies Smokehouse BBQ is taking classic barbecue and adding its own fun twist to it.  

They are serving up dishes like tri-tip mac and cheese, barbecue ramen and their fan-favorite — rib tips. 

As a recently opened black-owned business, they are hoping to cultivate a community here, of all different styles of food. 

For the past four months, Chautez Ducharm and Brandon Jackson have been selling a wide variety of barbecue dishes from their new food truck: Munchies Smokehouse BBQ.  

“I think our concepts are really fun and they’re new,” said Ducharm. 

“We wanted to do a very different fusion style BBQ,” said Jackson. “We make nachos out of 20 different chips. It’s all the munchies style.” 

What started as a dream, soon became a necessity, when Ducharm lost her job right before the pandemic. 

“Was just scared for my family, really honestly,” Ducharm said. “Scared for where were going to be if we were going to be homeless. So, I had to start thinking about what we were going to do to make some money.” 

After a few setbacks, the food truck made its debut this past October. 

Since then, the lines have not stopped.  

“It’s a great feeling,” Jackson said. “It went from not knowing if it was going to be a good decision, to with Super Bowl coming up, just turning away too many people.” 

As a black-owned business, Jackson says many customers have stopped by to try their food for that very reason and congratulate them on their success. Now, the duo is looking to support other black-owned businesses through a Pan-African food truck night. 

“Really just try to create something here in Las Vegas,” Ducharm said. “I think that there definitely needs to be something that incorporates everyone. Not just Black, we’re talking about Afro-Latinos, our Caribbean folks. All of that” 

Although the food truck has only been open for a brief time, they are looking at the possibility of a brick-and-mortar location, and potentially a franchise in other parts of the U.S.