LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A stillbirth is a sad reality for many families. There is a new resource to help prevent another heartache for expecting parents.

Whether someone is a new or experienced parent, the pregnancy journey, while thrilling, can cause anyone to worry.

Even with proper prenatal care and routine visits, some families are hit by devastating news. A stillbirth is a death or loss of a baby at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy, or during delivery. This affects about one in 160 births, according to the CDC.

“The cord could wrap around the child’s neck. There are lots of things that could happen, you could lose amniotic fluid and when these things happen, the baby slows down,” said Julia Tayler, a Nevada Ambassador for “Count the Kicks.”

“Healthy Birth Day,” a non-profit, is helping to educate expecting parents about the importance of tracking a baby’s movement, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

“Count the Kicks” is an app for mothers to monitor their bundle of joy and know what’s normal and note any changes.

Mariana Falvey, a mother of two, says she used the program during both of her pregnancies.

“When I thought about the app, it gave me peace of mind to know that I would keep track of my baby and how it is alive, and doing and staying active. We had a little scare at the time where he had arrhythmia,” Falvey said.

“If it took you ten minutes to get to ten kicks and then all of a sudden, it takes an hour or hour and a half to get the same amount… you want to be aware of that. You want your doctor to be aware of that,” Tayler noted.

Instead of tracking kicks on a piece of paper, the app makes it convenient, giving individuals the access to use it at their fingertips.

If there is a change, the doctor should be notified.

“Trust your mom-gut. In the end, it’s right,” Falvey said. “You think you’re crazy and people tell you you’re wrong, but if your mom-gut tells you, then listen to it.”

“If you catch a problem early, at that point, you can save your baby’s life. That’s what we are looking for, is to save babies’ lives,” Tayler said.

The app is available in IOS and Google Play stores.