LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The war to end food hunger depends on all of us, including corporations.

Our company, Nexstar, is teaming up with “Feeding America” to fight hunger this month.

8 News Now’s Christian Cazares explains how two local businesses are doing their part to make sure food waste is avoided.


“To hear that one in five individuals are struggling with hunger is just unacceptable for us,” Adriana Martindale, Smith’s Groceries, corporate affairs manager said.

It’s a difficult reality to accept. That’s why she says ending food hunger is everyone’s responsibility.

The grocery corporation launched the ‘Zero Hunger, Zero Waste’ initiative.

“Our goal is to eliminate waste across our operations, specifically food waste to help feed our neighbors,” Martindale added.

Martindale says the program has allowed Smith’s to donate 14 million meals last year alone. A tremendous effort that she says gets everyone working together.

“Any excess food in the store gets put through a donation process and is evaluated and if it’s still consumable, whether perishable or non-perishable, it gets donated to the food bank. If it just has a damaged box, we donate that back to the food bank so families can receive that product who are in need of it,” she added.

A similar effort is being put to practice on the strip on a daily basis.


“At MGM Resorts one of our signature social impact and sustainability programs is called ‘Feeding Forward.’ A unique component of that program is donating unserved food from events to people in need,” Brittney Price, Director of Sustainable Operations, MGM International said.

Launched in 2016, MGM Resorts’ “Feeding forward” initiative focused on feeding more people and wasting less food.

Even with the best planning with meetings and conventions sometimes there is going to be food that goes unserved. That food is transferred to disposable containers and Three Square Food Bank takes that back to their facility.

A nonstop process they say to help stop food insecurity in Southern Nevada.

Besides distributing food, Three Square also needs donations. You can donate at

Every dollar donated provides three meals as well.