LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is some more good news to share about the young “Jeopardy!” contestant from Las Vegas.

Brayden Smith, a UNLV graduate, earned his 5th win in a row Monday night. His total cash winnings is now up to $115,798.

Brayden reflected on being a part of Alex Trebek’s last episodes in an interview with the quiz show.

“To be around Alex, who you know has been sort of a mainstay in my life. To finally be on stage with somebody that I’ve seen five nights a week, every week for over a decade was really a dream come true,” Brayden said in an interview posted on the show’s Twitter account Monday.

“Just in these last few months, I think back on it all the time, and really savor each moment that I got to have with him… just talking to him, person-to-person, was really great,” Brayden added.

The final episodes hosted by Alex Trebek will finish airing this week.

You can catch Brayden’s sixth appearance on the game show Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. on 8 News Now.