LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “Extreme illusionist” David Blaine was injured during a performance Saturday in Las Vegas, according to a news release.

Blaine, who was performing at the Resorts World Theater, suffered the injury while jumping into a pile of boxes from a height of 80 feet. According to the release, the stunt is the first of the show.

Orthopedic doctors in the crowd along with the show’s EMS team were able to relocate his dislocated right shoulder on stage in front of the audience and the performance was able to continue, although the Resorts World news release indicates Blaine was “in pain, but in good humor.”

“My Las Vegas residency is filled with many of my favorite acts that I love in magic, and stunts that push me beyond my limits,” Blaine said. “Even though I have trained much of my entire life, there is an implicit danger when you are pushing yourself to make possible what feels impossible.”

Performances are scheduled to continue on April 28, 29, May 5, 6, and June 2, 3.