PAHRUMP, Nev. (KLAS) — If you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime and see Nevada like never before, then this is your chance.

In Pahrump, there is a hot air balloon ride that will give you spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains.

“Seems like every year we were moving a little bit father out a little bit farther out because of the growth and development of the city,” said Doug Campbell, owner of Las Vegas Balloon Rides and Balloons Over Pahrump.

Campbell has been in the hot air balloon business for 53 years.

“We kind of discovered Pahrump as far as flying,” Campbell said. “Pahrump is very rural. It’s very wide open.”

“Balloon rides have been referred to as peaceful, tranquil, therapeutic, romantic,” Campbell said. “It all depends what kind of mood you’re in.”

So how does this adventure work?

“Depending of the time of year we are meeting anywhere from five to seven,” Campbell said.

Flying first thing in the morning is usually the coolest, calmest and safest.

To inflate a balloon, the wait is 15-20 minutes.

“Once the balloon stands up, we put our guest in the basket then we take off for about 45 minutes to an hour,” Campbell said. “We look at the west basin side of Mt. Charleston and the California border is only about four miles the west of us.”

There are also several photo opportunites to share with friends and family.

“You’re literally floating 1,000-2,000 feet in the air,” Campbell said. “You’re looking out all over god’s creation.”

The balloon rides are a shared basket. The cost is $275 per person.

Pahrump or Las Vegas locals get a $50 discount.

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