Destination Nevada: Valley of Fire

Destination Nevada

OVERTON, Nev. (KLAS) — If your summer plans include a visit to Las Vegas, make plans with the family to do a little road trip, not too far from Las Vegas.

About an hour north of The Strip, is the Valley of Fire. It costs about $10 for a vehicle to enter.

Guests at Valley of Fire State Park are hiking through history. The red sandstone that makes the park famous was formed millions of years ago.

Before the popular hiking trails and campgrounds, the Valley of Fire was a way of travel. In the early 1900’s, a road was forged through the area to connect Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. 

A person coined the name while traveling through the park at sunset, saying the entire valley looked like it was on fire. 

“The colors change. They go from such a bright white to a deep red,” said hiker Pedro Manaois. “The sand is such a deep and dark red. I’ve never seen that on any beach.”

In the 1920s, 8,500 acres of the land was given to Nevada. The park has now grown to more than 40,000 acres. 

“It’s always interesting to see the diversity of the rocks and everything there is to see,” said hiker Jordan Seibert. “They call it Valley of Fire and it’s definitely unique sites here that you don’t see anywhere else.”

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the various hiking trails and campsites. Some say it feels like they’re in another world, and another oasis not far from the Las Vegas Strip.

“There’s so much to see between the hiking and the off-road trails, that I want to come out and do some of the off-road trails next time,” Manaois said.

“I love that there’s so many looks in every direction from Vegas,” Seibert said. “You can go from beautiful lakes, to Mt Charleston, to Valley of Fire, everywhere.”

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