LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and signs, welcoming you to everything the city has to offer. There’s even a flashy museum honoring these signs just miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

At the Neon Museum, the historic signs of Las Vegas come to retire — each of them holding stories and memories of years past.

The Hard Rock, Stardust and Frontier — all famous signs now within an arm’s reach. 

“Some people say, ‘I didn’t realize how big they were’ or ‘I didn’t realize how pretty they were,’” said Dawn Merritt — Chief Marketing Officer of Neon Museum. “They can really appreciate the artistry.”

The Neon Museum was created in 1997 by a group of people wanting to preserve these signs. 

“People love to come here because its a real snapshot of Las Vegas history as well as world history,” Merritt added.

The Neon Museum is growing

The museum moved to its current location in 2012 — about a mile from downtown Las Vegas and just 10 minutes from The Strip. 

Guided tours take you through the founding of the city, downtown Las Vegas, small businesses and the strip. 

“It gives you a real flavor for the history of Las Vegas, the history of the world, sign design, art, architecture, fonts,” Merritt said.

Walking down memory lane at the Neon Museum

As visitors walk through, they can see the changing designs based on what was happening in the world. 

“Spudnik had just orbited the year before Stardust had opened. So the font is really reflective of the whole space-age mentality,” Merritt said.

There are special themed tours for kids, lectures on sign design and architecture and an immersive experience called “Brilliant”. 

“Its a real melting pot of what you can get, more than just walking through the yard and looking at the signs,” Merritt said.


These signs represent cherished memories, many of which staff get to hear from visitors. 

“They worked at a particular place, their grandparents did, they got married there,” Merritt said. “When they see those signs again they start sharing their stories and we love to hear those stories.”

The tickets to visit the Neon Museum are limited and they recommend scheduling your visit in advance.

For more information about their new summer hours, CLICK HERE.