BOULDER CITY, Nev. (KLAS) — From the trails to the lake, there are a ton of outdoor activities in Boulder City. There is also rich history, surrounding the world famous Hoover Dam.

A short drive southeast of Las Vegas brings you to Boulder City. It’s full of history, with a small town charm.

“We come here because it’s quiet, because it’s different,” said Boulder City resident Dan Ford.

“Here, everybody knows everybody, real small town feel,” added resident Laura Thomas. “I just love it here.”

Boulder City was built in 1931 to house workers building the Hoover Dam. It’s now the most visited dam in the world. It features the world’s tallest concrete arch bridge, which towers nearly 900 feet over the dam.

You can see remnants of the dam’s construction along the “Railroad Tunnel Trail.”  It snakes through five tunnels and offers beautiful, panoramic views of Lake Mead.

You can hop onboard the train and take a ride through the state’s railroad history, at the “Nevada State Railroad Museum.”

This giant jackrabbit welcomes visitors to the Nature Discovery Trail, where you can walk alongside scorpions and a horned lizard, all in statue form. 

Boaters hit Lake Mead to cool down during the hot summer months.

“There’s everything, hiking, mountain bike riding, everything you’d want to do for being outdoors is here,” Ford said.

Another popular stop is “Hemenway Park,” where bighorn sheep gather to graze.

“We get to see the sheep all the time,” Thomas said.

Because the city was built for workers, drinking was banned here until 1969. Gambling is still prohibited.

The city also has a cap on construction to keep the small town feel, which draws so many to this historic spot and why many chose to stay.

“Especially the weather, you couldn’t beat this weather with a stick,” Thomas said. “It’s just fabulous! Everything about it is just wonderful.”

While out in Boulder City, another site to see and experience is the Mike O’Callaghan — Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. The arch bridge spans the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona and gives you a different view of Hoover Dam.