Suspect identified in deadly shooting of man in Emerald Suites parking lot


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On March 6, around 6 p.m., Justin Irving and his girlfriend were seen on surveillance video pulling into the Emerald Suites parking lot on Paradise Road in Las Vegas. They arrived in a white 2006 Porsche Cayenne and parked before Irving was shot and killed.

The investigation led to the arrest of suspect Jason Dion Finn. He faces the charge of open murder with a deadly weapon.

Irving’s death was ruled a homicide, caused by a gunshot wound to the head.


The report says a Black male, later identified as Finn, was seen walking toward Irving’s vehicle.

Irving exited his vehicle and was seen on the surveillance camera talking with Finn for several minutes before getting back into the driver’s seat.

According to the report, Finn then walked around the back of the vehicle and got into the right rear passenger seat. The car started to move forward.

The girlfriend was seen running from the front passenger side of the vehicle south through the complex, with Finn getting out shortly after. The girlfriend ran through the parking lot to a dark colored Mitsubishi sedan that was also backed into a parking stall.

As the sedan began to pull out, Finn ran up to the front passenger side, according to the report, and entered the vehicle.

The Mitsubishi was driven by a young Black male adult wearing a blue jacket with white lettering across the back that said “Robinson”.

Video surveillance cameras on property showed the sedan pulling out of the complex and making a right turn onto Elm Street, driving east out of view of the camera.

The report says Irving’s vehicle impacted a wall and did not move. The girlfriend, who was seen earlier running through the parking lot, then came upon two marked Metro units that were conducting a vehicle stop. She told officers that her boyfriend had been shot on the other side of the complex.

Responding officers found Irving still seated in the front passenger seat suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The victim was transported by Clark County Fire to Sunrise Hospital Trauma, where he was pronounced deceased.

Detectives from Metro’s Homicide Section were notified of the incident and responded.

During the investigation, a Winchester 9mm Luger cartridge casing was found near the right rear tire of the Porsche. Detectives also found a projectile on the driver floorboard that appeared to be consistent with a 9mm bullet.


Homicide detectives interviewed Irving’s girlfriend, who according to the report, told them she and Irving were in an on-again-off-again dating relationship. She said they were having a birthday party for him that day at a facility on Paradise.

She said Irving and the suspect had a mutual friend in common.

Irving and the male met before the party for a marijuana deal at the Emerald Suites, according to her statement.

The male ended up going with Irving to the party, and he ended up leaving his jacket in Irving’s vehicle.

The girlfriend said she and her friends arrived at the party later in the night and that she did not know the male suspect and had just met him when with Irving at the Emerald Suites.

She said the unknown male called and texted Irving numerous times the day after the party about getting his jacket he left in the victim’s vehicle.

During one phone call, which was done via Bluetooth on Irving’s vehicle, the girlfriend said the male said he got jumped at the party and he was upset Irving left before him.

She felt like there was tension between the two of them but did not think it was
anything serious.

When Irving and his girlfriend arrived at the same Emerald Suites complex to meet the male, she said Irving backed his SUV into a parking spot and the male walked over to the vehicle. Irving and the male stood outside for a short amount of time, and they then got back into the vehicle.

The girlfriend said Irving was driving, she was seated in the front seat, and Finn sat behind her in the rear passenger side seat. She said she believed they were going to drive the male to an unknown address near Flamingo Road.

Irving started to pull out of the parking space when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot Irving one time, according to the girlfriend’s statement.

She says she ran from the vehicle when she saw the handgun and exited as the round was fired. She then encountered the officers conducting a traffic stop and asked for help. She believed the suspect lived in the same complex, since it was the same location Irving met him at two days in a row.


An iPhone was recovered from the front passenger seat of the Porsche.

Irving’s girlfriend identified the cell phone as his and provided a password to unlock it. Her iPhone was located on the front passenger floorboard.

She gave written consent for detectives to download her phone. Both phones were given to a Digital Forensic Detective. The digital examination of Irving’s phone located a text conversation between Irving and another telephone number. Some texts were from March 5 and then begin again the next day, continuing through the day, with the last incoming message at 5:32 p.m.

During the phone messages, the number was shown to send a Google Maps pin with address 440 Elm Street, which is within a few hundred feet of the crime scene.

There were also several missed, incoming and outgoing calls to the number with the last logged message from the same number at 5:59 pm on March 6. The call appeared to last one minute, according to the report.

Also in the text string was a no subject email from contact Jason Finn, according to the investigation.

The girlfriend told detectives that Irving had been communicating with the male that allegedly shot him through text and phone calls just prior to them parking in the complex.

Upon reviewing the video surveillance from the Emerald Suites, Finn was seen loitering in the area of the parking lot, building B and building A for approximately 90 minutes prior to the incident occurring.

During that time, the video showed Finn pacing through the complex and parking lot using a cell phone. He appeared to make several phone calls right up to the moment Irving and his girlfriend arrived in the complex.


During Irving’s autopsy, the Clark County Medical Examiner declared his death a homicide, caused by a gunshot wound to the head.


An unidentified citizen who refused to identify themselves or provide any information on how to contact them said the suspect who shot Irving was a person they knew as Jason Tarham, with a possible Facebook account in the name of Faiothyg Dageneral.

The affiant noticed photos of the person in the Facebook account shared a strong resemblance to the suspect seen in the Emerald Suites surveillance footage, as well as video surveillance from the Speedee Mart convenience store located on Paradise Road prior to the shooting.

According to the arrest report, on March 8, several members of Irving’s family called and provided the Facebook account of Filthyg Dageneral, stating they believed the person pictured on the account was the same person that killed Irving.

Details were later confirmed by the anonymous affiant stating that he was at the birthday party for Irving on March 5 and met a Black male who arrived with Irving.

The male identified himself as Filthy and exchanged phone numbers with another individual with the last name of Andolina. The male provided Andolina with his telephone number, the same as the one contacting Irving minutes before the murder.

Andolina was also aware of the Facebook page for Filthyg Dageneral and said the person in the photos of the Facebook page was the person he met who called himself Filthy.

Information was also provided that Filthy was from Long Beach, California, and had been recently released from prison.

A Metro Investigative Specialist contacted the Long Beach Homicide Section and requested assistance using facial recognition using a photo from the Facebook page Filthyg Dageneral.

A Long Beach Homicide Detective identified a match for a Jason Dion Finn from the Facebook photo.

Detectives noted that Finn has a distinct tattoo on his right cheek in the Facebook photo and a Los Angeles County Consolidated Criminal History booking photo.

The affiant compared the booking photo of Finn, the person in the Facebook photos, and the person in the video surveillance footage from the murder scene and believes the person shown was Finn.

Based on the facts and circumstances received from surveillance cameras, witness statement and anonymous tips, it is believed there was probable cause to arrest Jason Dion Finn.

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