LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A self-described “incel” called officials at Las Vegas’ Reid International Airport earlier this year, saying he had placed a bomb on the property, federal prosecutors alleged in newly unsealed court documents.

A federal grand jury indicted Joshua Corfee, of Lake Havasu, Arizona, on charges of threat and false statement to use an explosive device, threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and false information and hoax, documents said

On Feb. 26, Corfee allegedly called an office at the airport, saying he had placed a bomb on the property, an FBI investigator alleged in court documents.

In the recorded call, Corfee reportedly called himself an “incel,” adding he had “put a bomb in the airport,” documents said. Corfee also said he lived in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, documents said.

The airport notified the FBI about the alleged threat, with an investigator calling back the phone number. The person on the phone identified himself as Corfee, who “originally denied making any threats, stating he ‘didn’t even go to the airport’ and that he lives in Arizona,” agents wrote in the documents. The agent then asked Corfee why he mentioned the airport at all.

In response to the threat, airport security deployed police dogs to search for possible explosives. None were located.

Records showed Corfee was in federal custody but it was unclear when he was arrested. The charges were unsealed during a hearing in federal court Wednesday. Corfee’s first court appearance was scheduled for April 13.

The Oxford Dictionary defines an “incel” as: “a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile toward women and men who are sexually active.”

The charges carry a potential prison sentence if convicted.