LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two people face arson charges for allegedly setting fires at several Las Vegas Strip resorts, documents said.

Amber Crow, 40, and Daniel Rodriguez, 21, face charges of arson and burglary, records showed.

On Friday around 7 a.m., two fires were set inside the Flamingo hotel, police said. One fire was in the lobby, the other in front of a hotel room on an upper floor.

Later that night around 9 p.m., someone sent a fire behind a vending machine in the Horseshoe hotel, police said.

When crews arrived, they made their way up to the 19th floor to find a small fire, officials said. Sprinklers were activated which kept the fire contained to a small area, and crews put out the remainder of the burning material.

Some people sought medical attention on the scene, but none of them requested transportation to a hospital. There were no reports of firefighter injuries.

Arson investigators said they found a burned diaper near a smoking vacuum, documents said. Officers said video showed a man and a woman entering the casino. The couple had also allegedly set a fire near a bus stop at Caesars two days before, police said.

Police later arrested Crow and Rodriguez at the valet at Caesars Palace around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, police said.

Rodriguez told police Crow set the fires while Crow said Rodriguez set the fires, documents said. Both remained in custody as of Monday afternoon.

“Daniel indicated Amber usually set fires after they argued, but she did not have any grievances or expouse [sic] any extremist ideologies,” police said.

It was unclear how they made it inside guest-only areas at the three properties.

The Horseshoe property was the site of the deadliest fire in the Las Vegas valley’s history in 1980 when it was the original MGM Grand.