LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas mother is accused of driving under the influence with two young children in the car and crashing into several objects, police said.

Tatiana Miller was charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license, allowing child abuse or neglect and several other charges connected to the incident on July 30, records showed.

The car collided with several objects, including a mailbox and a house, before coming to a rest on a sidewalk near Fogg Street and Linden Avenue in the east valley, officers said.

An officer said one child told the officer that “mommy was drinking” and that they “saw her throw a bottle out the window,” officers wrote in a report.

A witness said she was driving when another driver, believed to be Miller, cut her off “abruptly and recklessly.” The witness then saw Miller veer off the road, hit a utility box, collide with several curbs, almost get into a collision in an intersection and then come to a stop.

While speaking with officers at the hospital, Miller denied using any alcohol or drugs, police said. Police noted she “appeared very disoriented.”

Police said they were “unable to perform field sobriety tests” due to “Tatiana’s apparent intoxication and behavior.” Officers suspect Miller was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, they said.

Miller was taken to the hospital, discharged and arrested. No bail argument was heard in court and Miller was released.