LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With 30 homicides on the books three months into the year, Metro police have had the same number of murder cases this year as they did at the same time last year — when the year ended with 152 murders.

Statistics through April 1 show there have been six homicides each in the Downtown Area Command, the Northwest Area Command and the South Central Area Command — 18 of the 30 total homicide cases.

Last year, the pace of killings only increased, eventually hitting 152, the highest number the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has seen over the past five years.

Homicides involving domestic violence have dropped slightly so far this year — six — compared to last year at this time — seven — a 14% decline. Another significant cause behind homicides this year is “perceived disrespect,” factoring into six of the 30 homicides.

Five homicides at this time last year were classified as overdose deaths. So far, there have been none this year.

Metro reports that 24 of the murder cases were shootings, by far the most common method. And 20% of homicides so far this year have been gang-related, statistics show.

In 2018, the number of cases soared in the first part of the year with 67 in the first six months of the year, only to drop off in the last half of the year. But last year, 64 homicides by the end of June accelerated, with 88 more in the last half of the year.

With 20 murder cases in Metro’s jurisdiction, August of 2021 had the highest number of homicides of any month since the start of 2018.