LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man threatened to kill a sex trafficking victim at gunpoint in the desert south of Las Vegas if she did not work as a prostitute for him, police said.

Las Vegas Metro police arrested Acavy Johnson on Tuesday, Feb. 28 on charges of sex trafficking, kidnapping, assault, robbery and domestic battery, records showed.

On Thursday, Feb. 23, police said they received several 911 calls about a man chasing a woman whose phone was taken, police said. The victim later told police Johnson allegedly “was attempting to make her work as a prostitute,” documents said.

The victim’s age was not included in the documents. She told police Johnson told her “she was going to work” at a Las Vegas Strip property, referring to prostitution, police said.

When the woman refused to work as a sex worker, “Johnson became irate,” hit her several times and pointed a gun at her, police said.

Johnson then allegedly ordered the woman into his car, threatening to shoot the woman while driving them to a desert area near Jean, police said. Jean is outside of Las Vegas about halfway to the California border.

“Johnson told [the victim] she would work as a prostitute and threatened to kill her,” police said. Johnson then drove the woman back to the Las Vegas Strip property.

The next day, Johnson threatened to kill the woman if she did not participate in sex work, police said. That is when bystanders called police for help.

Johnson’s criminal record includes kidnapping and domestic violence, police said.

Police also determined Johnson’s car was around Jean, matching the victim’s account, they said.

Johnson was due in court Wednesday.