LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— An argument between two brothers led to the older of the two shooting and killing the younger.

According to an arrest report, Michael Miguel, 27, has been arrested and charged with open murder, for the death of his 18-year-old brother, Markies Miguel.

On April 29, Las Vegas Metro police responded to a call that someone had been shot at a trailer park located at 3920 North Las Vegas Blvd.

Arriving officers made initial contact with Michael and his grandmother, before discovering the body of Markies, lying on the living room floor of the trailer. Markies had reportedly suffered a gunshot wound to the torso and was pronounced deceased by medical personnel.

Security footage from a neighbor revealed Michael leaving the trailer with a ‘long gun,’ returning nearly a minute later without it. Officers at the scene later discovered a rifle stashed in a water heater closet in a vacant trailer next door.

Police say Michael lied during his initial interview, stating he was in his room during the time of the incident, and that he had never left the trailer. After being presented with the facts, Michael admitted to coming home from Fremont Street and being confronted by his brother, who claimed Michael had talked to females he was romantically involved with.

Michael claims he ignored the comments and went to his room, but after an hour, his younger brother brought up the issue a second time, prompting Markies to grab a shotgun from under his bed. The two fought over the weapon before Michael took hold of it. Micahel claimed he must have accidentally touched the trigger, causing the shotgun to go off.

Michael then called the police and moved his brother’s body into the living room. He then left the apartment to hide the shotgun in a nearby wash area, which police later located. Michael claimed both firearms belonged to Markies, and that he hid them so his brother would not get in trouble for possessing them when police arrived.