LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man is accused of drugging models at a Las Vegas party by allegedly putting ecstasy in their drinks, court documents the 8 News Now Investigators obtained Thursday said.

Zhou Gong faces charges of poisoning or adulterating food, water or medicine, and drug possession, records showed.

A woman, who was hired to be a model at a party, reported to police on Wednesday, Feb. 22, that her coffee was spiked at the event, documents said.

The party, held at a warehouse near Hacienda Avenue and Valley View Boulevard, featured “atmosphere [models],” documents said.

The woman said Gong was a friend of the host and offered her and other models coffee, documents said.

“After accepting the coffee and drinking it, [the models] began feeling strange,” documents said.

The woman later went to get a toxicology test, which showed MDMA in her blood. The amount of MDMA was redacted in the documents.

The victim showed officers text messages about a possible language barrier between the models and the party host, they said. She also told detectives “she never asked for any drugs and had no knowledge there were drugs in the coffee.”

Police arrested Gong on Friday, Feb. 24, finding seven pills in his jacket pocket, they said. Officers recognized the pills as MDMA, they said.

Gong appeared in court on Saturday, Feb. 25. Because a criminal complaint was not filed and prosecutors did not argue for bail, a judge released Gong without setting bail.

The next court date was scheduled for June.