LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Shawn Michael Guthrie was arrested in connection with a severe assault and battery incident that happened Sunday night at the Circus Circus RV Park.

According to an arrest report, two police officers responded to a battery call on Sunday, Nov. 8 around 8 p.m. at the RV Park at Circus Circus Las Vegas.

The call stated that a male was hit and passed out on a couch. Other reports came in for the same crime while individuals say they were watching it live-streamed on the Internet, according to arrest report witness statements.

When officers arrived at the scene, officers found multiple people in the RV with their camera phones out, live-streaming.

Police say after seven male individuals exited the RV, they saw a person laying on the couch unconscious, but breathing.

The victim was later identified as Aldo Rivas. Witnesses stated that Rivas was extremely intoxicated and was trying to fight everyone, according to the arrest report.

Rivas was transported to UMC. Officers were later notified by UMC staff that he had substantial bodily harm and was on a ventilator, in serious but stable condition.

Officers spoke to witnesses, who stated that Rivas was extremely intoxicated and was “swinging on everybody”.

One witness described the suspect as a black male known as “DopeDistrict2” on the Internet. This person was later identified as Shawn Guthrie.

The witness said Guthrie punched Rivas and drug him out of the RV by his feet, causing Rivas to hit his head on the stairs multiple times. The witness said it was “disgusting” how Guthrie was battering Rivas.

An officer observed the video of the incident online and saw Rivas laying on the couch next to the door in the RV. The officer then saw Guthrie walk inside the RV, grab Rivas by the ankles, and pull him out of the RV face down causing Rivas to hit the left side of their face on each step of the RV before hitting the pavement.

The officer observed on the live-streamed video that Rivas got up and pushed the person nearest to him, thinking it was that person who dragged him down the steps, causing him to hit his head.

The witness who was pushed by Rivas was later found to be a friend of the victim. The witness referred to Rivas by the nickname “Aldy” stating Rivas wanted to go on an RV trip. The witness stated that he and Rivas had been drinking and that Guthrie, who is also known as “Dope,” had a prior incident with “Aldy” and wanted to take care of it.

The witness added that by the time Guthrie arrived at the RV, Rivas was already passed out on the floor inside the RV before Guthrie dragged him out of the RV.

The witness and friend of the victim said a couple of months prior to this incident, the feud between Guthrie and Rivas was over money the victim claims the suspect took from him.

Officers identified Guthrie as the same person they saw leaving the RV park before they arrived at the RV.

The owner of the RV stated that after Guthrie dragged Rivas out of the RV and punched Rivas in the face, Guthrie then kicked Rivas in the face while he was on the ground — before witnesses carried the victim back into the RV.

Officers took Guthrie into custody near Sahara and South Las Vegas Boulevard. Officers say they were made aware of Guthrie’s location because he was live-streaming on a public site at the time.

The arrest report stated that due to Guthrie using unlawful force and violence, he was arrested.

Guthrie was arrested and is facing a charge of battery causing substantial bodily harm.

He was taken to CCDC and booked accordingly.

Officers shut down the RV as a crime scene and the investigation is ongoing.