LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man is accused of tracking a woman with a set of AirPods connected to an old iPhone, police said.

Officers arrested Harsharn Ghag, 39, on Friday on charges of burglary, stalking, and unlawful dissemination of an intimate image, among other charges, records said.

Police said the victim traveled out of state in May. The woman had blocked Ghag over him “incessantly calling” and “sending text messages,” police wrote in a report. Ghag then attempted to reach the woman through other internet-based phone numbers, police said, and was somehow able to obtain her passwords to social media and email accounts.

In early June, the victim received an email from Ghag, writing that he knew her location at an out-of-state hotel. Police said they believe Ghag was tracking the victim through her wireless AirPods connected to an old iPhone, they said.

Ghag demanded the victim call her or “he [would] send everything to [the victim’s] parents,” police said. Ghag had also emailed the victim’s father with an attachment.

Police said Ghag sent “numerous videos” from the old iPhone, showing the victim’s face and private area. Ghag also stole the victim’s car, police said.

The victim returned home, finding about $40,000 worth of items stolen, police said.

Judge Daniel Westmeyer set Ghag’s bail at $20,000. Ghag remained at the Clark County Detention Center as of Tuesday.

Apple, which manufactures AirPods, offers advice to turn off tracking for previous devices and encourages users to check location settings when moving to new devices.