LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man fired from his job after calling a customer a “moron” threatened to return to the office and go “on a female killing spree,” Metro police said.

Eddie Brunson, 35, faces a charge of making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism, records showed.

Brunson was fired from his job as a customer service agent at Shift 4 Payments, a payment processing company, on May 5. The business is located near Summerlin Parkway and North Town Center Drive in Summerlin.

A few days later, Brunson began calling and texting the business with threatening messages, police said. Police said they were able to identify Brunson from his telephone number.

“Brunson’s threats included that he intended to ‘grab [his] rifle,’ and return to Shift 4 Payments where he would ‘go on a female killing spree,’” police wrote in an arrest report.

One specific message said, “I see why they have bombing and shootings… I’m pull up… Y’all may need police… Ready to go on a female killing spree, beginning with who got me fired,” according to police.

Because of the threats, the business closed for two days and leaders filed for a temporary protective order against Brunson, police said.

On May 25, police said they located Brunson and took him into custody. At the time of his arrest, Brunson had two phones with him. When police called the number from which the threats had originated from, one of the phones rang, police said.

According to the business’ director of human resources, Brunson “had disciplinary issues, including prior instances where he is alleged to have been unprofessional with employees and customers,” police wrote in his arrest report. Brunson was also accused of yelling at customers and employees and hanging up on customers.

The day before he was fired, Brunson was accused of calling a customer a “moron,” police said. Employees said they had discovered evidence Brunson was also living in the office.

During his arrest, Brunson said “he had been mad and spoke from frustration,” police wrote in their report.

In court last week, Judge Elana Graham set bail at $50,000. Bronson was due back in court Wednesday. He remained at the Clark County Detention Center as of Tuesday afternoon.