LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man is accused of firing a gun inside his home, walking around his neighborhood with weapons, and later standing naked on his roof armed with a knife while police attempted to arrest him for illegally possessing a firearm.

Michael Astafan, 41, faces charges of resisting a public officer with a deadly weapon and indecent exposure, records showed.

In January, Las Vegas Metro police said they learned Astafan was firing a gun inside his home in a neighborhood near Silverado Ranch Boulevard and Maryland Parkway in the southeast valley. Police said from January to last week, police have responded to the home 13 times.

“Several bullet exit points were located indicating rounds were fired from inside the house and exited into the neighborhood,” police wrote in an arrest report. “Neighbors additionally reported hearing gunshots in the home but did not call police.”

A judge issued a high-risk protection order in February, preventing Astafan from buying or owning a gun for a year, police said.

In April, police said Astafan attempted to buy a gun in Arizona. The purchase was denied through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, police said. Astafan also attempted buy a gun at a big box store on Blue Diamond Road near Interstate 15 that same month, police said.

On Aug. 29, Las Vegas police said police in Barstow, California, arrested Astafan. Information about the arrest is redacted in the police report, though police note that “it is unknown why Astafan was in California during the arrest and requests to obtain the police reports are pending.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, a neighbor called 911 saying Astafan was carrying a golf club and a kitchen knife. Police responded to the neighborhood, finding Astafan outside his home, they said.

Astafan refused to drop the knife as more police officers arrived, officers said.

“Astafan then began running through the neighborhood while carrying the butcher knife, hiding in bushes of neighboring homes, refusing to put the knife down and refusing to cooperate with law enforcement,” police said. “Astafan approached several homes and hid on the front porches of said residences while still possessing the knife in hand.”

Police officers suspected Astafan may have been under the influence of methamphetamine, they noted in the report. Officers ended up leaving the area “to avoid escalating the situation,” they said in the report.

The next day, Sept. 28, a person called 911 saying Astafan was again outside his home armed with a golf club. Police were not dispatched due to “no crime being committed,” the report said.

The next morning, plain-clothes officers began to surveillance the home, police said.

“During said surveillance, the front windows of his home were observed to be broken out, which was not the case the evening of Sept. 27 with glass lying on the driveway and sidewalk,” police wrote in the report. “Additionally, a ladder was placed on the second-floor landing to his home.”

Astafan was on the roof armed with what police referred to as a “Rambo-style” knife. He was also only wearing underwear, they said.

Astafan refused to listen to officers’ commands, removed his underwear and remained on the roof, they said. He then went back into his home.

Later on Sept, 29, a judge granted a search warrant for police to enter Astafan’s home. The next day, police arrested Astafan as he walked out of his home.

Officers said they found the large knife, a Glock magazine and other items inside the home. Police noted they believe Astafan’s behavior “manifested” during the COVID restrictions.

Judge Daniel Westmeyer set Astafan’s bail at $10,000. Astafan remained at the Clark County Detention Center as of Tuesday morning.