HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — A bookkeeper reported missing last year faces embezzlement and forgery charges as part of a scheme defrauding her former employer of hundreds of thousands of dollars, police said.

In April 2021, Boulder City police said Kathryn Trygstad, then 54, disappeared while on the way to withdraw a large amount of money.

Police said Trygstad had left work, spoke to a family member, and then disappeared after leaving a bank. Trystad then returned home a few days later, police said.

Boulder City police arrested Trygstad on Tuesday, records from Henderson Justice Court revealed, on embezzlement, forgery and burglary charges. Trygstad worked for JCORD, a construction company, documents said.

Police had searched through Trygstad’s financial records in April 2021 to try to locate her during her disappearance, they said. Police noted two large deposits, amounts to more than $19,000, from JCORD made a week before her disappearance and the day of her disappearance, documents said.

On April 16, the day of her disappearance, police said Trygstad withdrew $15,000 from her account. Due to the suspicious nature of the transactions, police conducted a second search amounting to Trygstad’s entire employment with JCORD.

Police allege Trygstad had written checks to herself and fictitious companies, including some with names with the same initials as her. For example, police said some checks were made out to “Kenneth Tannerd” or “Kennedy Technical.”

Police discovered nearly 200 deposits made into three separate checking accounts, totaling more than $300,000, they said. The total loss to JCORD, with union dues, taxes and other payments, amounts to more than $500,000, police said.

Police arrested Trygstad at another business. She was taken to the Clark County Detention Center. Records indicate Trystrad posted a $49,000 bond and was released pending her next court hearing.